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Talgarden: Lawn service, Irrigation repair, Lawn instal, Overseeding, Core aeration, Fertilization

Lawn service: 

Talgarden specializes in residential lawn care and maintenance.  Cutting the grass at a specific height tailored to each individual lawn along with regular mulching, fertilization and core aeration keeps watering cycles down. Moreover, a greener and thicker lawn means fewer weeds.


We do not cut corners when it comes to work or materials.  With our superior knowledge in gardening your yard will flourish.  For most yards we recommend biweekly or weekly visits .  This allows us to constantly monitor a yard's health and appearance. Furthermore, we can spot and solve issues before they become major problems. 



Talgarden also offers a variety of landscaping services such as new lawn installs, irrigation, flower beds, mulch, plantings and so much more.  Each landscape project is customized to the clients property. When coming up with a design we look at the layout and position of permanent objects such as structures, trees, walkways, property line, and most importantly, the sun.  With this information as a starting point, we are able to lay out a unique and creative landscape that will be one of a kind.









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