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Core Aeration & Fertilization

Core aeration, fertilization Pasadena, CA
Custom lawn care programs. We specialize in the maintenance of residential and commercial properties.
Core aeration & fertilization is important.


We suggest one core aeration once a year and three fertilizations a year to keep lawns healthy and green. 
            What happens if I don't core aerate or fertilize?
-The Lawn area is as hard as the walkway.
-The grass seems to be struggling to grow.
-There are bare spots on the lawn.
-Water doesn’t seem to penetrate deeply.
-The grass is not that green.
Soil health is a crucial aspect of gardening and lawn care. Talgarden's focus on soil health indicates a commitment to promoting fertile and well-balanced soil. Healthy soil provides essential nutrients to plants, supports root development, and contributes to overall plant vitality. If you have specific questions about soil health or gardening practices, feel free to ask!
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