Core Aeration

Why is core aeration important and why does my lawn need it?


Any of these symptoms could be a result of soil compaction:

The ground is as hard as the walkway.

The grass seems to be struggling.

There are bare spots and/or weed patches.

Water doesn’t seem to penetrate deeply.


The ground a lawn grows in can become hard from soil compaction.  This happens over time and can destroy your lawn.  If the ground is too hard for the roots to spread out, then water and oxygen can't get to the roots.  This prevents the roots from receiving food (nutrients) and the lawn will struggle to survive.






A core aerator will punch a series of holes into the ground and pull out narrow cores about 3 inches in depth.  The soil compaction is relieved and the roots have direct access to oxygen, water, and food.  The roots are allowed to spread and receive the nutrients they need.  What happens next is growth under the ground and above.  The cores are left on the lawn.  Over time they will break down and once again become part of the lawn.


















The growth below the ground is important.  The roots’ health reflects in the ground cover.  The ground cover prevents bare spots which in turn prevents weeds from germinating and taking over your lawn.


For optimal lawn health, core aeration is recommended at least once a year in spring.  Moreover, a combination of core aeration and fertilizer applications can vastly improve your lawn’s potential.

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