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Garden bed with plants

Talgarden: Landscaping, Lawn service, Sprinkler repair, Lawn install, Garden cleanups, Trim bushes & hedges, Mulch install



-All checks must be addressed to Talgarden and sent to 

P.O. BOX 391

Temple City, CA 91780

-We send all invoices electronically to each customer's email on the first visit of the month.  Invoices are due between service days.  If you have a weekly visit, the invoice will be due after the second visit of the month.


-Invoices are to be payed on or before their due date.  Late invoices will incur a $25 charge per a week. 

Late fees will start on the next billing cycle.

-Invoices late more than 90 days will be sent to collections. 


-Talgarden accepts only credit cards from residential clients.  Commercial clients may pay by credit or check.

Artificial Turf:

Talgaren LLC does not install artificial turf. However we do service properties with artificial turf on them. To insure that we do not damage the faux grass we will not place any equipment on top of the grass and we avoid all Contact if possible. Before starting work we will take pictures and video, once work is completed and we are leaving we take pictures and video of the turf.

Note: During the summer months it is very important that clients remove objects from the artificial turf to avoid burning. Items can be toys, dog bowls, tools, basically anything that can heat up under the summer sun and burn the grass.


Landscaping Projects:

-Some projects outside of regular maintenance service require a 10% deposit before work can begin.

-Larger landscape projects will be divided up into 3-4 payments.

-Overseeding and installation of sod require a soil test.  Tests will be completed by Wallace Laboratories. Customers will be given a copy of this test.


Rescheduling or Canceling:

-A rescheduling or cancelation of service must be completed 24 hours in advanced or a $25 inconvenience fee will be charged.


-If we are not able to perform work due to lawn furniture in the way, toys on the lawn, locked gate, dog present, excess feces or trash, etc., clients will be rescheduled and charged a $25 inconvenience fee. 


-Clients are given a day and approximate time of service.


-Major Holidays and rain days will be rescheduled later in the week.  Customers will be contacted by phone or text message. 



-All insurance claims must be made within 14 days of the incident.

-Commercial clients will be given a certificate of insurance upon request. 

-We carry General liability and Workers comp insurance

-We reserve the right to refuse business.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Joseph Holdenstern, Owner






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